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Computer Virus Protection

Nowadays, nearly every individual who uses a computer is interconnected with everyone who also is, through the biggest network of them all: the Internet. The mere thought of being able to infect millions of workstations is enough motivation for wicked individuals to write viruses. But why is the Internet the perfect place for viruses to spread?

To understand this, we must first understand how viruses multiply.

Viruses are the only malware that replicate themselves. Once they get inadvertently copied to a computer, they can execute, spread and attach themselves to folders and files located in that computer. Then when files from the infected computer are copied to other computers – for instance, through USB flash drives, memory cards, wired/wireless networks, emails, file sharing over the Internet, etc. – , those computers then get infected as well.

It is therefore important to implement some kind of computer virus protection.

  • Avoid warez sites and porn sites. Now, I know this not going to be easy for some people but malware developers know that practically everyone who visits these sites would be gullible enough to download just about anything just to get their hands on the content there. When you visit a warez or porn site, it’s practically like you’re walking into a breeding ground for viruses.
  • Verify the source when downloading email attachments. If you are not familiar with the sender, then just delete the email immediately. One big problem with viruses coming through your inbox is that they may be coming in through emails inadvertently sent by people you actually know.
  • Do not download media files from peer to peer and other file sharing sites. Media files are often a target of malware producers. They can breach your system by requiring you download a “codec” in order to play the file. Be very wary of a media file that requires you to install something on your system to use the content.

The best computer virus protection strategy should also allow you to carry out your usual tasks. That is why programs like Spyware Doctor exist.

The Best Computer Virus Protection

These programs will allow you to determine whether you computer is infected when you run a scan through them. Some programs that provide virus protection for computer systems have a special feature that will allow them to run in the background while you perform your usual tasks. That way, when you encounter a virus, the antivirus program can instantly act on the threat and prevent it from entering.

Since crooks developing viruses always try to be one step ahead of antivirus developers, programs for computer protection from viruses have to be enabled with daily update features that will provide the latest protection against the latest threats. Try a free scan of Spyware Doctor.