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How To Remove Worm Infections

Worms are arguably the most destructive malware these days. They can spread very rapidly and although they don’t usually corrupt files like viruses, they can clog networks and use up lots of memory, forcing entire organizations to shut down.

When the ILOVEYOU worm struck in May of 2000, no less than the CIA, Pentagon and the British Parliament had to temporarily stop operations to remove the worm in their systems.

Why Worm Infections Are So Dangerous

The destructive power of a typical worm virus lies in its ability to replicate very fast. Imagine one worm sending out hundreds or even thousands of copies of itself to all the contacts it could find in the host system. This can be done by sending out attachments through instant messaging applications, social networking sites, and emails.

Once the recipient downloads the harmless-looking attachment, which in this case, is sometimes known as a Trojan worm, the malware then repeats the entire process – replicating rapidly and sending out copies of itself.

How To Prevent A Worm

So, theoretically, worm attacks can be prevented by simply not downloading attachments or applications. This is, of course, easier said than done. In the real world, people have to download certain attachments. The key, therefore, is to differentiate the harmless ones from the Trojan worms.

You can use programs with worm blocking and worm removal features to prevent worms from entering and removing them when they are found. Those familiar with these malware rely on programs like Spyware Doctor to deal with these threats.

Remove Worm Viruses The EASY Way

To remove a worm that’s already inside the computer system, programs like Spyware Doctor allow the user to simply select an area to scan and click a button to start scanning. When the threat is found, the program can automatically zap it.

Since the creators of worms are getting more creative with each new version, it is important to rely on a worm removal tool that is frequently updated. With frequent updates, you can be sure your system is capable of handling the latest threats on the Web.

As more and more people spend more time on the Web (especially on social networking sites), their exposure to these kinds of malware increase. Without a reliable worm removal program in their systems, then the next ILOVEYOU or Conficker worm attack can be just around the corner.