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Remove Facebook Virus

Facebook virus, is there such a thing?

Yes, absolutely. These malware come in several guises and use a variety of methods to fool trusting users of Facebook. Likejacking, Koobface and phishing scams are just a few ways they use to send malware to your computer. If you get infected, you have to remove Facebook virus immediately to prevent you and your friends from falling prey to its schemes.

Whoa, how do these things spread? Am I in danger?

If your friends notice that your account is sending out spammy links to videos or you seem to be sending them messages asking for money, then you know you are infected. Similarly, look at your friends messages and Wall posts and check if their account is doing this too and inform them about it.

You can also receive an email asking for a password reset from Facebook even if you didn’t request for one. Don’t continue if you haven’t or your computer will be infected.

Another is when you click on a link that takes you to a page outside of Facebook and the site forces you to click the Like button before showing you its contents. That’s a red flag right there, so don’t click it!

Yet another scam is the promise of being able to see who viewed you in Facebook or some other special feature not in Facebook. You have to join a certain Facebook group and install some unknown software to gain access to the feature which sounds fishy already. Some Facebook apps like games also use the same scam, asking you to install some questionable software before letting you play or use them.

What can possibly happen when I’m infected with this virus?

Like any industrious Facebook Trojan, it will stay in the background and continue throwing out infected links to your friends and sending phishing emails until you remove it. Another thing it does is that it redirects web searches to sites that will earn the malware maker some cash like ad sites or lesser-known search engines.

If you fell for the password reset scam, your account might already be compromised and hackers will be able to do anything with it from purchasing Facebook credits and charging them to your credit card, to making you install some dubious apps in your account.

The scariest thing that can happen is your computer can become part of the hacker’s PC botnet, giving someone else command of the resources of your PC. Some infected users have even reported their hard drives getting ruined due to this virus and even losing sensitive personal information like bank account numbers and passwords to other websites.

Get it off, get it off! What’s the best Facebook virus fix I can use?

A simple anti-malware scan will be your best bet for Facebook virus removal. It’s easy to use and will immediately eradicate the virus with no fuss. Opt for an anti-virus software that has real-time scanning capabilities that will act as a watchdog in your behalf to prevent you from contracting other malware like this. Change your password immediately as well.

Also remember to never click any suspicious links and more importantly, don’t install unknown video codecs or software in your computer. Your browser should already be able to play videos, Flash and Java games without needing additional software. Report any suspicious links, videos and Facebook groups to Facebook support immediately.

Remember that Facebook will never ask for your password or will never reset it without your permission. Ignore any emails that request you to do so.

With a good malware program you can remove Facebook virus quickly and safely.