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Remove Google Hijack Virus

Help, my Google searches are acting a bit weird!

If you find that every time you use Google, your searches get redirected to ads instead of leading you to the site you want, then it’s highly likely that your computer is infected with the Google hijack virus. This is a particularly nasty malware so you have to remove Google hijack virus right away.

How did it get into my computer in the first place?

It probably was able to infiltrate your PC through unsafe flash sites you visited, infected files shared to you or through security holes in older software installed in your computer. These are all weak points that spyware often exploit to be able to get a foothold inside your operating system. Once it is in, it installs itself quietly and sits in the background of your system, waiting for you to trigger it through a Google search.

What are the symptoms that I have Google hijack virus?

Technically, Google hijack virus isn’t a “virus”. It’s behavior is more closely related to spyware in that it sits behind the scenes and monitors your activities. It’s also a browser hijacker since it will redirect some or all of your Google results to advertisements or any sites the malware authors wants you to visit.

So it’s just ads? That doesn’t sound so bad.

Hold it right there, friend. It might seem very benign on the outside since all it does is serve ads but take note that it is a spyware program. Don’t just switch search engines or browsers to avoid the issue. It might be silently stealing information from your computer such as your mail passwords, saved credit card details, financial data and social network logins. On top of that, those ads it serves might be carrying even more malware that can corrupt your computer. Therefore, Google hijack virus removal should be your top priority once you find out that you are infected.

I need a Google hijack virus fix and fast!

There are several ways to get rid of this spyware. You can dig into the Windows registry and delete any suspicious files in order to disable it. A word of warning: this should only be attempted by qualified professionals since a mistake done inside the registry can cripple your computer permanently.

A better way is to use a proven antivirus tool to scan your computer and let the program do the heavy lifting of cleaning the virus from your PC. That way, you can be assured that the job will be done right and it will be done automatically as well with little to no effort in your part. You won’t even have to worry about tinkering with the insides of your system if you use a tool like this.

To prevent any future infections, make sure your antivirus applications are always up to date and that your software, particularly your Flash plugins and core operating system, have the latest patches installed at all times. Also make sure that your antivirus has real-time scanning to catch any unwanted software from getting into your computer; prevention is better than cure, after all.

With these tips, you can now easily remove Google hijack virus and prevent it from coming back and stealing your searches.