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Remove Google Redirect Virus

What’s this then? I’m not getting any search results from Google!

This my friend is a classic indicator that your computer is infected by the notorious Google Redirect virus. Like what its name says, instead of getting links to the sites you are looking for, Google redirects the search to all sorts of ad-infested websites. Mind you, it’s not actually Google redirecting you but a hijacking Trojan malware combined with a rootkit that is causing all this havoc. You’ll have to remove Google redirect virus fast or face the consequences.

Wait, I didn’t do anything! Or did I?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, you probably didn’t let the malware through intentionally. Most often, malware often exploit unpatched systems and programs to be able to get into computers. It might have also come from infected files like those downloaded from websites that have a dubious reputation or from files shared and email to you.

What are the things that can happen to me with this virus?

Aside from getting Google-redirected searches, you will also get errors saying that a file is not a valid application and any new programs you try to install will be flagged as corrupted. Since this malware is often bundled with a rootkit, hackers may gain unrestricted access to your system so you have a high chance of losing sensitive data while this malware is in your computer.

Can you give me the best method for Google redirect virus removal?

Sure thing! The best and easiest way to get rid of this rogue software is by using a legitimate and trusted anti-malware program to erase all traces of it from your PC. Yes, you can do it manually and go into the system registry and modify it while deleting any files associated with the malware. This would not only be unnecessarily complicated but it also can lead to more serious errors if you make a mistake when tinkering with your system files. The best Google redirect fix is still an anti-virus that scans your computer and automatically cleans it as well.

To prevent future infections, always have a real-time malware scanner running in the background to catch any unwanted badware from dropping in unexpectedly. And make sure that your computer is always up to date on the latest bug fixes, security updates and software patches.

To remove Google redirect virus, you don’t need fancy equipment or expert knowledge. Good common sense and a virus scanner you can rely on is what you need to keep your data and your computer safe from malware.