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Remove Virtumonde

Popups, popups, popups! All I can see are popups!

Your computer is probably infected by a well-known Trojan called Virtumonde. It is also known as Vundo or Virtumondo and it spreads via older, unpatched browsers and infected email attachments. It also rapidly infects computers in a local network through shared files and folders. If you’ve ever opened a dubious attachment or used an older version of Firefox or Internet Explorer, then that might be the reason for all those popups you are experiencing.

How do I know if I’m already infected?

If those popups display ads for malware programs you haven’t heard of or are pornographic in nature, then it is almost positive you are infected. Another indication is to check if you Windows security features are working. If you can’t open your antivirus program, you are definitely in the red and you need to remove Virtumonde immediately lest you spread it to other computers in your network.

How nasty is Virtumonde?

Virtumonde is very nasty indeed and attacks almost every part of your computer. Most of your programs from Microsoft Office to Windows Media Player will be corrupted by this rogue software, and you won’t be able to use them since they crash or close immediately whenever you open them.

What’s more, it shuts down all the security systems in your PC. From your anti-virus software to your firewall, Virtumonde disables all of these programs to prevent you from removing it from your system. It also turns off Automatic Updates as well and tinkers with your network settings.

Your web browsing will often be hijacked and redirected to ad sites. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail will also be blocked; visiting any of these sites will crash your browser.

Yikes! What Virtumonde remover can I use against this menace?

Virtumonde removal is easy, lucky for you. All you need is the latest version of a trusted anti-malware program to scan and erase this threat from your PC. You will be rid of this infestation in no time and what’s more, most of these software have real-time scanning capabilities built-in. Not only do you have a Virtumonde fix, you also get protection from future threats, whether from the internet or through your local network.

You also need to be constantly aware of what’s going on your computer. Do not click any ads that popup on your screen and scan all your emails before downloading or installing them.

With a trusted malware cleaner, you can remove Virtumonde and squash those ads from your PC.