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Remove Vundo

I’m getting popup ads left and right! How did this happen?

Vundo is most likely the cause of all these intrusive popups. Also known as Virtumonde or Virtumondo, this malware is a Trojan that spreads through infected email attachments or via  vulnerabilities in your browser, its plugin or add-ons. You might have received a funny video or have an older browser version with unupdated plugins. It also spreads itself through shared documents and files in a network such as an office or school computer network.

You need to remove Vundo and make it your top priority or your computer will be under a heap of trouble.

How do I know for sure that I’m infected?

There are two visible signs that Vundo has infiltrated your system. The first are the popup ads mentioned earlier. These are often ads for rogue software like fake antivirus programs, pornographic ads or scam offers which contain even more malware that can get in your computer. The second are also popups but instead of flashing software at you, these are ads for well-known products that have been faked to mimic the original ones. It goes without saying that you should never click on any of these ads.

What can this Vundo do to my computer?

Vundo is very dangerous and will do a lot of harm to your PC. It disables your Windows security features including Automatic Updates and firewalls. The malware also attacks popular anti-malware programs and disables them or uses them to download more malware through fake system updates. It can also redirect your web searches to ad sites and, in particular, it will block access to popular sites like Gmail, Hotmail and Facebook.

It also uses up system resources and tinkers with your registry files which can lead to constant crashes and unresponsive programs. You may also lose a significant amount of disk space and your internet connection will slow down to a crawl.

Sounds pretty nasty. How can I effectively remove this Trojan Vundo from my system?

Most, if not all, of the latest versions of anti-malware programs available already have a Vundo fix included. Take note though that some older Vundo removal tools, like VundoFix, might not be as effective against modern versions of Vundo. your best bet is to use a trusted and legitimate scanner to detect and eliminate this Trojan from your system. Aside from being a Vundo remover, anti-malware programs also have real-time scanning which protects you if ever a potential threat to computer is detected. The scanner will detect threats not only from files in your computer but also from data coming from the internet and other streaming connections.

While you will have protection for future threats with your malware detection program, it’s best to couple this with awareness as well. Never click any popup ads and scan all attachments before opening them. Make sure your anti-malware is running in the background, most especially when you are connected to a local network.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you remove Vundo and get rid of all those annoying popups once and for all.