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‘Get An iPhone X For $1’ Pop-up Scam Removal Guide

Are you getting the ‘Get An iPhone X For $1‘ pop-up on your screen every time you surf the web? To “claim” such offer, the user should submit personal information like their full name, postal address, and email. This is definitely a scam and you’re infected with an adware.

remove "get an iPhone X for $1" pop-up


‘Get An iPhone X For $1’ is an adware that will attempt to commandeer your browser search and homepage. Once you fill up your personal data, it will be sold to third parties who will use it for profit. The adware will also send you to malicious websites to get money from you or infect your computer further. It may also prevent you from changing your settings back.


The ‘Get An iPhone X For $1’ pop-up scam is usually installed through bundled software without you knowing. You have to remove it immediately.