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Remove the Pop-Up Scam ‘Error: 0xc004f014’

Are you getting Error: 0xc004f014 pop-up alerts saying your computer has been blocked and that “We couldn’t activate Windows. Try activating Windows again or contact Microsoft support and reference the error code”. There will then be a hotline number to call.

remove error 0xc004f014 popup

This pop-up alert “Error: 0xc004f014” is a scam. You have been infected with an adware. The adware will flood your screen with countless intrusive advertisements. Once you click those ads, it will gather some of your personal data like your browsing activity, IP address, and logins. It will also attempt to commandeer your browser search and homepage, sending you to malicious websites to get money from you or infect your computer further.

The adware is usually installed through bundled software without you knowing. You have to remove it immediately before it may prevent you from changing your settings back.