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How to Remove Search.searchrmgni2.com Redirect (Virus Removal Guide)

Search.searchrmgni2.com is a browser hijacker that will attempt to commandeer your browser search and homepage. The virus will send you to malicious websites to get money from you or infect your computer further. It may also prevent you from changing your settings back.

Search.searchrmgni2.com is a fake search engine that came bundled through the Get News Instantly application without you knowing. Get News Instantly targets the following browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Once installed in your system, it assigns search.searchrmgni2.com as the new tab URL, default search engine, and homepage browser options.

Remove this browser hijacker immediately as it can record personal data like the URLs you’ve visited, your search queries and browsing activity, IP addresses and other relevant information that can lead to data privacy issues.