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How to Remove Pop-up Ads from

Does pop-up ads from keep appearing from your window? Be wary not to click ‘Allow Notifications’ because once you do and subscribe to its push notifications, unwanted advertisements will spam your computer or phone. These ads are usually for adult websites, malicious browser extensions, online games, fake software updates or giveaways, and other unwanted programs.

Clicking any of these ad will send you to malicious websites to get money from you or infect your computer further. It may also prevent you from changing your settings back. is usually installed through bundled software without you knowing. Remove it immediately!

Beware of the Black Dot “Text Bomb” Bug

There’s a new bug that is recently rendering iPhones to freeze, slow down, and crash. It is a harmless-looking message with a black dot emoji a.k.a. “the black dot of death”. This bug affects all iPhones running the most recent version of iOS, iOS 11.3 and the iOS 11.4 betas. There’s no verification yet though whether it also affects older iOS.

black dot bug


What Actually Happens

When a message is received containing the said emoji and eventually opened by the user, the messaging app will crash and the device locked into a white screen. This is because these messages containing the black dot emoji are followed by hundreds of thousands of invisible characters which causes the Messages app to freeze. It will then flood the iPhones’ CPU where it will overheat and a possibility of a device crash.


What You Can Do

The black dot “text bomb” bug can easily be transmitted. Someone will just simply send a string of texts, wait for their target to open such message and that’s it!

When your iPhone suddenly freezes because of this so-called text bomb, try force-quitting ‘Messages’ and re-open it. After which, delete the conversation with the black dot immediately.

Make sure also to update to the latest iOS when it is released. Apple will surely fix this issue and create a patch for this annoying bug.